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Meet our therapists and learn more about the role they play in the treatment process.

  • heloise

    Occupational Therapist - Heloise Conradie

    B.Arb (UP) 1997

    The Occupational Therapist (OT) at Care@midstream uses scientifically chosen and meaningfully activities to assist a patient to maximise their function. The OT develops, improves and restores independence in activities of daily living. This includes the ability to eat, dress, groom and shower as independent as possible. Tasks that demands endurance and graded cognitive skills forms part of a holistic approach to ensure that a patient is as independent as possible on discharge.

  • hannelie

    Hannelie Kroon - Speech-language Therapist and Audiologist

    BCommunication Pathology (Sp T & Aud) (UP)

    The speech-language therapist at Care@Midstream is responsible for managing communication and feeding difficulties experienced by the patient. She evaluates the patient’s ability to process and swallow food, and provides guidelines as to which food consistencies and postural positions work best for the patient’s feeding. She also evaluates the patient’s ability to comprehend and to use speech and language. She provides therapy to the patient to enhance his/her comprehension and speaking, and advises the other team members, family and caring staff on the best way to facilitate clear communication with the patient. In addition, she evaluates the hearing sensitivity of patients who have hearing difficulties, and provides hearing aids and auditory rehabilitation where necessary.

  • annam

    Physiotherapist - Annamarie Botha

    The role of the physiotherapist is to encourage the patient to achieve maximal functional potential. Focus is on bedmobility, sitting balance, standing, walking and climbing of stairs. Strength, balance, endurance and safety is of great importance as well as best range of motion in applicable conditions. Suitable assistive devices or walking aids are also discussed. It is of utmost importance to help patients set realistic goals and have achievable expectations. Finally we have to ease the burden of care and enhance quality of life.

  • carelyn

    Carelyn de Kock - Clinical Psychologist

    BA(Law)(NWU); BA Hons. (Clin. Psych.)(NWU); MA (Clin. Psych.)(NWU)

    The role of the Clinical Psychologist at Care@Midstream is to assess patients’ psychological and emotional functioning, to diagnose psychiatric disorders, to provide psychotherapy, psycho-education and support to the patients and their family members; and to advise the multi-disciplinary team members on the patients’ stressors and emotional care needs. The Clinical Psychologist sees the “person” within the pathology: Patients are encouraged during the rehabilitation/healing process and the Clinical Psychologist strives to improve the patient’s quality of life and to preserve dignity in illness and in death.

  • hannelie

    Terina du Plessis - Dietician

    The dietician’s role is to provide nutritional care. This process mainly includes a dietary assessment (current food intake, weight, height, interpretation); identifying nutritional problems to plan dietary intervention and implementation; and monitoring and evaluation of the nutritional care prescribed. The goal of nutritional care in Care@Midstream is to meet the nutritional requirements of patients. The dietician also provides a discharge eating plan and guidelines, where necessary, to patients or to the next facility where patients might be transferred to.

  • monique

    Monique Marais - Social Worker

    BSocial Work (Cum Laude) UP, BSocial Work (Hounrs.) UP, MSocial Work (Masters in Health Care) UP

    The role of the social worker at Care@Midstream is to assist the patient and family with discharge planning in order to ensure a safe discharge. This entails liaising with the multi-disciplinary team and the family to establish what the need of the patient is, and to provide them with the necessary resources, such as information regarding home nursing services, retirement villages and frail care facilities. Supportive services are provided to the patient and family to assist them with the process of having a loved one in hospital. The social worker works closely together with the psychologist in order to ensure that the patient’s emotional needs are addressed.

  • heloise
  • hannelie
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